Trash and Recycling

Trash Collection

Trash and recyclables schedules are as follows:

Tuesday: Trash and Recycling
Friday: Trash Only
Wed: Yard Debris (March 3 – December 24)

Republic Services

Trash is not collected when the scheduled pick-up falls on Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day.

Trash must be placed out for pick up after dusk the evening prior to a scheduled pick up or early in the morning of the scheduled pick up. Emptied trash containers should be removed from public view as soon as possible after pick up and in no case should they remain in public view after dusk the evening of a scheduled pick up. Each resident is responsible for picking up litter on his own lot and preventing wind-blown debris from originating on this lot. At no time is the Association Common Areas to be used as a dumping ground for any debris.

Yard debris such as leaves, grass clippings and branches may not be dumped on open space. These materials take many years to decompose and do not create good habitat for wildlife. Yard waste is required to be recycled according to County specifications. Please click here to view the specifications for yard waste pick-up for Fairfax County. 

Except for recyclable items, trash should be only be put out in toters (garbage containers) supplied by Republic Services. Do not put trash out on Saturday, Sunday, holidays. Do not put trash out in any kind of paper bags because they tear easily and they deteriorate if it rains. Residents must remove toters from the common elements at the end of the day of pick up. Toters must be stored in garages or otherwise out of view of adjoining lots, common area, adjacent and nearby streets. 


Recyclable items such as plastic jugs, aluminum and tin cans should be placed in the recycle toter and placed at the curb by 6:00 am on Tuesday morning for pickup. Recycling may not be put out on Saturday, Sunday, holidays.

Effective October 1, 2019, glass is no longer included as part of single stream recycling collection in Fairfax County. Customers may dispose of glass items with the regular trash; however, it is encouraged to reuse these items by bringing them to the purple bins located throughout the region. This decision was made during the collection, transporting, and sorting process for single stream recycling, glass is broken and mixed in/attached to other materials leaving them contaminated. Broken glass can also damage machinery in service trucks and the recycling facilities. Please click here for more information.

Newspaper Recycling Guidelines

Newspapers must be either tied in bundles with string or placed in brown paper bags – NO PLASTIC BAGS, PLEASE! Do not include telephone books, junk mail, or magazines with the newspapers.

Yard Waste

THE FOLLOWING ARE ACCEPTABLE MATERIALS: (place out for pick up in biodegradable paper bags or personal recycling bin)

  • Grass Clippings         
  • Leaves        
  • Straw        
  • Branches (Must be less than 6 inches in diameter, cut into 4-foot lengths or less, bundled with rope or twine and cannot exceed 50 pounds)


  • Tree Stumps
  • Food Waste
  • Flower pots, planters or trays
  • Lumber, treated wood or pallets
  • Sawdust, dirt, mulch or sod

Trash Recycling Guidelines


  • Metal food and beverage cans – rinsed clean, labels are okay.
  • Plastic bottles and jugs – rinsed clean, crushed to reduce volume, caps removed, labels and neck rings are okay.
  • Cardboard: when the boxes are empty (no shredded paper, Styrofoam peanuts, or bubble wrap) and broken down flat. Cardboard pizza boxes are also acceptable, as long as leftover food does not remain in the box.


  • All Glass items (no cookware, drinking glasses, light-bulbs, mirrors, etc.)
  • Plastic materials other than bottle and jugs (no grocery bags, Styrofoam, margarine tubs, deli containers, etc.)
  • Metal items other than food or beverage cans.
  • Containers of any kind that held toxic or hazardous materials (no motor oil bottles, herbicide or pesticide containers, medicine containers, containers from chemical cleaning products, paint solvent cans, etc.)
  • Any recycling bag/bin put out on the wrong day will NOT be picked up on that day. Also, any bag/bin that the driver sees that contains non-acceptable materials will NOT be picked up.

Special Collection of Large Items
Residents may arrange a special collection of large or bulky items directly with the trash service at 703-818-8222. In addition, arrangements must be made in advance for large amounts of recycling, such as the many cardboard boxes used during a move. To determine the cost and arrange a special pickup, contact Republic Services.